Sunday, October 9, 2011

Satria Neo CPS and Inspira, the quality behind them

Personally, I think proton should be proud by producing Neo CPS and Inspira because they have stylish and aggressive looks. The performance is beyond our imagination as Inspira has the Mitsubishi Technology as Satria Neo CPS get the touch of Lotus.

Satria Neo CPS come in two colors: Black and White
R3 Satria Neo - Limited Edition (picture below)

Inspira comes in 4 colors: Red, Black, White and Silver

Inspira R3 concept (picture above)


Satria Neo CPS: RM 57, 763 - RM 60, 313 (OTR)
R3 Satria Neo: RM 79,797 (OTR)
Inspira: RM 78, 549 - RM 91, 549 (OTR)

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